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What is the PDF merge service?

The purpose of a PDF merging service is to allow you to combine multiple PDF files into a single document.

You need to select the PDF files that you want to merge and specify the order in which they should appear in the final document. The PDF merger tool also offer additional features, such as the ability to rearrange the pages of a PDF, add or delete pages, or split a PDF into multiple documents.

Why merge PDF files together?

There are several reasons why you might want to merge two or more PDF files:

  • To combine multiple documents into a single PDF file: This is useful if you want to create a single document that includes information from multiple sources. For example, you might want to merge a PDF containing your resume with a PDF containing a cover letter to create a single PDF file that you can send to an employer.
  • To reorganize the pages of a PDF: If you have a PDF with pages in the wrong order, you can use a PDF merger to rearrange the pages as needed.
  • To add a new page to an existing PDF: If you have a PDF that you want to add an additional page to, you can use a PDF merger to insert the new page at the desired location in the document.

Overall, merging PDF files can be useful when you want to combine or reorganize the content of multiple PDF documents.

Can I merge any PDF files?

In general, you can merge most PDF files using our PDF merger. However, there may be some cases where merging certain PDF files is not possible or may not produce the desired result. Here are a few potential issues to consider:

  • Encrypted PDF files: If a PDF file is encrypted with a password, you may not be able to merge it with other PDF files unless you have the password to unlock it.
  • Large PDF files: If you are trying to merge very large PDF files, we may run into performance issues or timeouts, rendering merging of your PDFs impossible.

Overall, it is generally possible to merge most PDF files but there may be some issues to consider depending on the specific files.

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