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Let's begin with "Why?"

Adopting sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives has never been more important, especially as we face the escalating threat of climate change. One area where individuals and organizations can make a significant impact is in their printing practices. By using techniques such as grayscale and smaller paper sizes, we can reduce the amount of natural resources consumed and contribute to conservation efforts.

Step 1: We convert your documents to grayscale

Printing in grayscale is a simple way to significantly reduce the amount of ink or toner used in the printing process. By removing color, we reduce the amount of ink or toner needed to print a document, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of our printing.

Step 2: We convert your documents to smaller paper sizes

Printing on smaller paper sizes, such as 2xA5, is an effective way to reduce the overall amount of paper used. This technique works especially well for printing documents that will primarily be viewed on screen, but as well to books, or personal documents.

Step 3: Print double-sided

While we do not have the technical capacity to do this, all links to documents shared from DoKit will have an annotation asking the person receiving the file to print on double-sided setting.

Adopting Sustainable Printing Practices for a More Eco-Friendly Future

By adopting sustainable printing practices, we can make a positive impact on the environment, but the benefits go beyond that. Adopting sustainable printing practices such as grayscale printing and smaller paper sizes can contribute to saving natural resources, promoting eco-friendly practices, and reducing costs.

By making small changes to our printing habits, we can make a positive impact on the environment and take steps toward a more sustainable future.

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